"Nudes, Portraits, Drawings and Sketches in general. Personages of The Life and of The History: Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, A Pop Gioconda or a Black Monalisa. A Blue Bullfighter, Tauromachys, the Portrait of a Surrealistic Painter, A Fabulous Ass, A Voyeur, The Teats of a Latin Woman, Still Lifes and Vases whith Flowers, Erotic Paintings, Babes, Sexy Girls, Pretty Women and Ugly Women, Strong Women. Men's portraits with a Dream and Portraits of Vulgar Men, Children playing with Horses and Children painting... Here there is of everything. This one is my Universe."       JOSE MANUEL MERELLO.

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Thoughts of a painter.

"Everybody asks themselves what art is. I think that art is any human creation that is able to lift the spirit to a higher plain of emotion and wonderment. "